WingsZone Videos

NLL CNN/SI Promo (2.5 mb)

2001 Championship:
Championship highlight video by JSap (8 mb!)
Mark Millon Scores His First of the Night (600kb)
Dallas Eliuk Makes a Couple of Big Saves (470kb)
The Wings Celebrate the Win (835kb)

Special Video Presentations:
1994 Wings vs. Turbos - Fight-shortened Game (11 mb!)

Wings - Saints on 2/5/00:
Eliuk makes the save at one end, Rogers scores at the other (796 kb)

Wings - Knighthawks on 1/29/00:
Tom Marechek puts one in behind his back (383 kb)
Dallas Eliuk crushes Casey Zaph to start the comeback (571 kb)
Jake Bergey dives in for the score to put the Wings up 12-11 (706 kb)

WingsZone Video Flashbacks:
Gabby Roe. John Tavares. Do I need to say any more?(930 kb)
Paul Deniken scores a beautiful goal in the 95 final (390 kb)
Eliuk makes a couple of big saves in the 95 final (650 kb)
Gary Gait scores to win the 95 championship (650 kb)
Lou Delligatti doesn't like getting his stick held (1.2 mb)
Kevin Bilger makes a save to win the 89 championship (1.1 mb)

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